José Carlos Camposano

Software & Service Designer

About me

It is difficult to come up with a label that summarizes an entire lifetime. Even though the one above reads "Software & Service Desginer", there is a wider range of fields I have experienced in the past. My professional background has been mostly focused on software development and programming, but I have worked also as IT auditor and consultant. I have become acquainted with the fields of telecommunications, banking, newsmedia and early childhood education.

Through my professional formation and international work experience, I have developed knowledge about traditional business models as well as the start-up culture. I am highly interested in the ways that humans interact with technology, particularly on how to communicate, understand and deliver solutions that truly connect with the needs, wishes and aspirations of people. I completed my Master's Degree in Service Design in Finland and Italy, focusing primarily in the social aspects of innovation, co-creation and participatory design.

Currently I am a PhD researcher based in Finland, pursuing projects that allow me to interact with people from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, with a holistic understanding of the dynamics between humans, business and technology.

My skills

Software Engineering

Service Design

Innovation Management

Education & Work Experience

Aalto University (FI)

M.Sc. (Tech) in ICT Innovation

Major: Service Design and Engineering

University of Trento (IT)

Master in Computer Science

Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Business Informatics Engineer

WellEdu Fennica (FI)

Business Development Associate

LiveDooh GmbH (DE)

Software Engineer

El Universo (EC)

Lead Web Developer - New Media

Ernst & Young (EC)

Staff - IT Risk & Assurance

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